We have more than 30 years of experience in building construction and product development - in both manual and industrial production. We develop stylistically confident and authentic high-quality windows and doors as well as sun and heat protection systems for current and historical architecture as well as for yacht construction. As owner-managed company we operate throughout Europe.

Besides having a complete portfolio with high value standard solutions, we are also specialized in the production of individual small series projects and single piece work and offer throughout, all facets of service; from the development of innovative products, through the production to the delivering on time to the construction site or to the shipyard.

Whether a large project or a project based design with only small series – it is important for us that our products are always produced and perfected to a high standard.

Quality management

Since we have full control on the entire process of each project - from the development of innovative products to the project implementation - we can guarantee the highest quality standards.

Clearly defined production processes, communication and information flows as well as the ongoing quality control assure the high standard of our products and services.

The ongoing training of our staff, together with the deliveries from chosen innovative suppliers, is the basis for state of the art products.

Because of this, we have advised and delivered with constant growth internationally successful architecture firms, general contractors, building companies, public developers as well as demanding private builders.

To a long life cycle and investment protection.

Ecology and sustainability

Comprehensive and responsible action, environmental awareness and a production with limited use of resources is a personal concern of ours.

We are constantly active in the ecological optimisation of our products. In doing so, we pay close attention to use optimisation and sustainable technologies, as well as the use of recyclable products. Getting ready for tomorrow dismantling - today.

We exclusively use wood from regional forests or - if we use tropical timber - from suppliers that can proof the origin from certified cultivation.

The coating - varnish or glaze - is made with environment-friendly products. Of course also with pigmented linseed glazes.


January 2022

Transfer of company headquarters to the center of the shipyards

As of now, new company headquarters of HELIOSWERKE sikur GmbH in Lübeck-Travemünde.

Due to the successful expansion of our maritime sector in recent years, we relocated our company headquarters to Lübeck-Travemünde in January 2022. As a result, we now have shorter routes to the shipyards on the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

1st December 2019

Headquarters relocation

HELIOSWERKE sikur GmbH moved its principal office. In contrast to the previous location in the rural area of Hedem, our new headquarters is located in the residence city of Bückeburg in the county Schaumburg in Lower Saxony. In addition to good infrastructure the new location in Bückeburg offers optimal logistical conditions: Right on the A2 motorway (East-West-Route connecting Western and Eastern Europe), about 30 minutes by car from Hannover, the state capital of Lower Saxony, and in short distance to A7 motorway (North-South-Route) as well as the international Hannover-Langenhagen Airport.

Due to the move, we can now reach our customers even faster.

Autumn 2019

Cooperation between HELIOSWERKE® sikur GmbH and sun and heat protection system factories

Extending our product range of sun- and heat protection for outdoor- and indoor applications is the result of continued networking with professional partners. Thereby, more than 500 employees are available to us to implement projects. Production takes place according to our specifications in plants with most modern machinery.

As of now, we now also offer an over-complete product portfolio for glare- and sight protection for indoor areas. Puristic, timeless, classic or modern.  

Constructions in 2D and 3D (for BIM-standard) for demanding and effective planning provide the basis for highest quality.

17th June 2016

Project “privacy shield and glare protection” at superyacht in Spain completed. (Kopie)

Project “privacy shield and glare protection” at superyacht in Spain completed.

On June 17th, 2016 a special project ended: A privacy shield and glare protection solution was planned and developed for a superyacht (50m Loa) located in Spain. (The name of the yacht, as well as the harbour are not called with regard to the privacy of the owner.)

In close coordination with yacht-designer and ship outfitting company we developed customized textile solutions for different versions of windows. Constructing the glare-protection for the front-windows of the wheelhouse was especially exciting. For this windows in the form of different parallelograms we constructed pre-tautened variants of roller-blinds with cross-draught. This will ensure a safe and noise-free work of our products in any swell.

Our engineers and fitters are looking forward to the next job because the dates of measurement and assembly on-site in Spain were very popular especially in wintertime.

13th April 2016

Cooperations of HELIOSWERKE® sikur and window- and door factories

The close networking with our cooperation partners enables us to flexibly expand our production capacities for large orders in wood windows and doors. We combine historical craftsmanship with most modern state of the art production technology. This specialisation enables us to accurately reproduce historic windows in short time. And - needless to say – also wooden or wood/aluminium products for present architecture.

Constructions in 2D and 3D (BIM-standard) for demanding and effective planning build the basis for highest quality.

15th January 2016

HELIOSWERKE® sikur GmbH is founded

The company HELIOSWERKE® sikur GmbH was founded. "Sikur" comes from the old Germanic language and means "safe".

We have set ourselves the task of designing high-quality security windows, doors and sun and heat protection systems for exacting customers, who value details and aesthetics just as much as we do.