HELIOS®-Automation stands for conceptual optimization of controls for the concrete needs of the user.

From a basic solution with wind monitoring capabilities and control over a wall switch, to a complex integration in a FM system, together with world wide access per tablet or smart phone. We can draft specifications which are tailored for your project. We plan comprehensively, including all parties involved on the project, for a smooth process during the execution and later in the use of the system. 

Our aim is an optimal ease of use within a planned budget. 


Control system

Even with a boxed in facade, the optimal use of the sun protection on all facades is important, the control system QUADRA® was developed for these requirements

>  For 8 sectors/facades
>  Acquisition of wind and wind direction
>  5 x light (North, East, South, West and sky)
>  5 x global irradiance (North, East, South, West and sky)
>  Temperature
>  Rain
>  Global irradiance acquisition 
>  Sun stand tracing
>  Twilight/dawn sensor
>  Light sensor 
>  All measurements via KNX®
>  All measurement boundaries can be changed via KNX®

For smaller but still sophisticated solutions we work with other system suppliers, for example elero and somfy®.

Safe and reliable systems, state of the art technologies, ease of use and programming but still complex and versatile in the field. These are decisive factors of choice which we formed for our systems and radio controlled solutions.

The use of directional Radio systems offer a stable and reliable wireless solution, as alternative to the standard wire connected equipment. Through the use of the routing function, a stable connection can be assured over more access points, even when a component should become defective, an alternative connection would be automatically taken. Our systems cause no interference to DECT, WLAN or PMR systems.  

Use and comfort

Wall station, wireless wall station, radio transmitter, control function over smart phone, or tablet – the possibilities to control sight, light and sun protection systems is flexible and varied.

We work only with well known system and component distributors. This way we can assure a safe technology for a reliable function and you health. 

Our wall stations can be integrated in to many well known switch base plates, so that not only the technical requirements are fulfilled, but the stylish ones too.