on the beaufort scale, lightly cloudy blue sky, a gentle breeze – optimal conditions for a cruise. But everyone who has often been on sea – professional or for pure pleasure – knows: These things can change quickly.

The warming sun can quickly turn into uncomfortable heat, and a breeze turns into a storm.

The sea spray coming overboard brings wetness and cold. An idyllic sunset turns into a low standing, glaring sun which makes it difficult to stay on course in the fairway. Reduced visibility with high vessel traffic or poorly marked shipping channels can quickly  lead to damage or worse.

UV-rays, salty air and fluctuating temperatures can take its toll on the passengers, crew and materials alike.

Our products protect from sun and heat for a safe and comfortable journey.

Our individually fabricated solutions are developed and made from seaworthy materials meeting the high and demanding standards for a life at sea.



HELIOS® Covers, folding tops, sun canopies

Effective sun shading, rain protection, a long life span, UV- and mildew resistance, being light weight and having small maintenance needs are the widespread requirements that sun shading systems must meet at sea.

Our textiles achieve not only the necessary requirements; they are also highly tear resistant as well as showing little deformation when under strain. Due to the innovative surface treatment of our composite materials , they are weatherproof and dirt-repellent, so that the aesthetic appearance is retained even after years at sea.



HELIOS® Film blinds for the bridge

Low sun can quickly become a danger when there are crowded sea lanes or misplaced buoys or other obstacles in the fairway.

The glare protection film which we use has an especially good colour rendering index and is certified by the Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg for its optimal glare protection with good transparency at the same time.  

> Ideal glare protection for ships bridges and other areas
> High light transmittance and clear outward view
> Good colour rendering index
> Effecting UV-protection
> Certified from the Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg

HELIOS® Darkening and blackout rollers

Rollers are a universal solution for sun, light and view protection also for general darkening of cabins. Harbours are well used in the summer months, quite often a mooring is only available on the hull of the neighboring ship. To maintain  privacy below deck, an efficient light and view protection is important.

But even a berth on a jetty with a badly positioned jetty-lighting can cause sleepless nights without the right light protection.

We offer a large choice of textiles and colours – from transparent sun protection to full blackouts.

HELIOS® Sun blinds

Likewise sun blinds are well suited for sun and view protection in the saloon galley or cabin. On the one side effective for sun and view protection, on the other perfect for producing a comfy dimmed light in the salon or in the owners- and guest-cabins.

An individual solution, for a sophisticated interior design.

HELIOS® Protection against insects

Insects are always found around small harbours, marshland and coastal areas, only an effective insect-screen can ensure a stress free stay and a good night´s sleep at that place.

A combination of sun- and insect- protection in one product is possible.

HELIOS® Pleated blinds

Can be used for view protection as well as sun protection at the same time. Even light coloured materials can change glaring sun-light into a soft warm light.

Due to the special impregnation, pleated blinds are very well suitable for use in bathrooms where a lot of light is desired, but also absolute discretion.


HELIOS® Roof hatch shading

The general development towards larger windows is not just ongoing within architecture, in the boatbuilding industry hatches and windows are also becoming larger. Roof hatches do flood compartments with sunlight; on the other hand the developing heat can become unpleasant.

An effective protection can improve comfort and well being under deck, without using the generator or ships batteries.