We have more than 30 years of experience in building construction as well as in product development – for technological high quality sun and heat protection products in the formal language of the respective epoch.

Product designs for creative elements in facades and interiors as well as delicate products in conservative, classical designs – our portfolio is extensive.

We advise and deliver to prominent architecture firms, building companies, general contractors, public developers as well as sophisticated private builders.

Whether products for large projects, or special project relevant short run series. Our technicians construct basic products to high standards, and with regard to use optimisation.

From a sophisticated standard solution with an effective monitoring and control system for sun protection to an individually programmed product, integrated in a FM solution – we can offer a complete solution for every requirement.

Innovative. Intelligent. Reliable.



HELIOS® Venetian blinds

Thanks to innovative materials, venetian blinds have evolved after nearly 100 years into a reliable shading solution.

High value synthetics with great tensile strength, light weight and robust aluminium, UV-durable, high strength and protective surfaces, low consumption and quiet motor technology, these are the characteristics of our venetian blinds which guarantees a long life cycle and investment protection.

Our venetian blind system offers an almost infinite number of different combination possibilities.

Whether slats in 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 mm wide, guided by almost transparent prestressed plastic coated steel cables or with guide rails, whether flat-, T- or Z-shaped blades and of course also beaded slats - we offer demanding solutions for demanding architecture.

HELIOS® vertical and horizontal awnings

Textile shading systems offer a large choice of possible uses, due to the textiles, materials and colours, not to mention their technical capabilities.  A somewhat transparent textile can offer a view outside when closed. We also have the right material, when the transparency is not needed. 

For either window surfaces as sight, sun or glare protection, or sun protection for skylights. For straight window strips or polygon dome lights. We can create a design for every form.

We order our material only from internationally renowned companys who meet our high standards for colour fastness; tear resistance and shape retain ability.

HELIOS® STORMPROOF-ZIP – up to 12 Bft (38,9 m/s)

Outside shading is unprotected against storm and heavy weather. In order not to be without protection from the blinding sun even in storm, we produce a storm-resistant vertical awning, which can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 km/h (wind force 12, tested in wind tunnel) when closed and can be moved reliably up to 6 Bft.

With the patented ZIP system, the fabric can be set to any position. The zip is fused with a high frequency bonding technique, together with the fabric.

Even in spring- and autumn-storms this type of vertical awning protects reliably against glare when the sun is low - a real save shading system.

HELIOS® Markisolette

A markisolette is a combination of vertical facade awning and drop arm awning. The lowered arm allows an unobstructed view outside while shading the whole window surface.

For our design we use distorsion proof powder coated aluminium profiles for a high stability of the protruding segment.

The opening angle is infinitely variable and can thereby be adapted to the position of the sun – by motor or by hand.

The drop arm can not only be adjusted to the position of the sun, but also to the individual needs of sight protection to maintain privacy.

HELIOS® Drop arm awning

The drop arm awning is one of the oldest forms of shading used, and is still an effective sun protection system. Through the lowering of the arm, a large surface can be shaded. 

Spring tensioned drop arms promise for a stable hold. A large number of high quality textiles produced specially for us, as single colour, two tone woven, or striped in different widths, offers a large scope for design. A solution can of course be found when a personal design is needed, for example a logo or family crest.

The supplied rolled goods are accuratelly and individually tailored for each project.

This way we can offer a product that compliments the identity of every building.

HELIOS® Folding arm awnings

Our folding arm awnings are for policy makers and users, who need professional solutions for professional areas.

Whether for refined hotel guests or for nursing homes and condominiums with upscale facilities - our awnings provide reliable protection.


HELIOS® Rollers and drapes for shading, glare protection and darkening

Auditoriums, presentation rooms, churches or libraries, for example the German National Library in Frankfurt; the need to darken rooms for events is versatile just like our extensive range of darkening systems. When it needs to be even darker, for example in laboratories, we can offer professional blackout systems with long life and quiet running motors. 


Our inside roller blinds are a demanding alternative to outside shading, for darkening as well as for sun and glare protection. Whether for offices or housing, cable or rail guided. Whether manually controlled or with quiet and comfortable motor technology.

HELIOS® Segment shading

The segment shading is a revolutionary new development for interior shading. Quite often just a certain area of a room needs to be shaded. Common with a low standing sun, the needed shade is only available when the whole element is lowered, in doing so darkening the entire room.

To be able to work or read a book in such a room, artificial light would be needed to replace the ambient daylight.

With our segment shading we can now shade the area needed and still use the surrounding light for the room.

With this, the electricity costs will be lowered and the well-being of the users can be improved.

A smart solution with either cable guides or the elegant pre-tensioned rod-rigg guides.

HELIOS® Panel curtains

Dimensionally stable textiles with weighted end rods offer an elegant sight and sun protection solution.

A multi railing ceiling system allows a number of panel layers to reduce the main size of the panel. This in turn will allow a larger window area to view through when moved to the side.

Due to the smooth running of the rail guide, manual displacement of the elements is easy and simple.

HELIOS® Panel curtains offer a variety of design options for privacy- and sun protection thanks to our wide range of high-quality textiles.

HELIOS® Internal venetian blinds

Internal venetian blinds with either aluminium or wooden slats are a flexible and reliable sight and sun protection for indoor applications. 

Whether with simple manual operation or controlled by a complex FM system, every internal venetian blind is individually made-to-order.

Because of the extensive assortment of colours, our internal venetian blinds offer interesting possibilities of interior design, from dominant colouring to an unobtrusive decent design.


HELIOS® Pleated blinds

A pleated blind is a simple but effective variant in the segment of privacy- and sun protection, which is simply mounted directly on the window sash.

The fabrics we use are fade resistant and because of the innovative surface treatment, can be used in moist and humid areas. From a slight view protection to real sun protection, from subtle single colours to graphic designs, the pleated blind collections available are really diverse.

HELIOS® Horizontal shading, darkening and blackouts

We are specialists for extraordinary solutions. For banks, shopping centres, atria or film and photo studios, for example in Berlin.

With a specially extruded aluminium rail profile and BLOCKOUT textiles, it has been possible to produce a 100% blackout solution.

For professional and exacting fields of applications.