We have more than 30 years of experience in building construction and product development – in both manual and industrial production.

This technical experience, embedded in a modern medium-sized enterprise, is the best base for a high quality standard - both, technical and architectural.

We design authentic wooden windows and doors for historic buildings - from Baroque to Historicism to the Bauhaus.

Our products are designed and produced in every detail according to the building's architectural style and the morphology of the respective epoch.

High-quality surfaces with topcoating as well as original pigmented linseed oil glazes protect our windows and doors perfectly for a long life span.

Historic buildings are often very representative castles, villas and townhouses. Their impressive

appearance alone makes them an attractive target for burglaries.

Therefore it is essential that windows and doors are not only authentic according to requirements of heritage protection but also meet the highest safety standards by invisible security features to protect residents and property.

"Sikur" comes from the old Germanic language and means "safe" - because we help you to make your home a safe castle.

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