"Sikur" comes from the old Germanic language and means "safe". Security is a basic need - today more than ever. Wars, burglaries and assaults are on the increase.

Whereas yesterday wealth, luxury cars or holiday trips ranked first on peoples wish lists current studies show that today the most important need is the feeling of security.

Protect you, your family and your property. We support you.

For each project we develop and produce individually designed security windows and doors in wood and wood-aluminum.

Any of our projects is treated with 100% confidentiality.

Each project is steered for the entire planning and execution phase with an anonymous project number and stays coded for suppliers and our own staff. If required for the project only handpicked

employees get further information.

This concept has been well-tested and proved over years. For our customers safety as well as for our employees'.

Our well-trained and responsible staff guarantee the safe and reliable execution of each project.

Phase 1: Mechanical protection

The fundamentals for your security

The indispensable basis for the protection of any object is the mechanical protection. It is a basic rule that electronic safety elements can be an effective supplement - but without mechanical protection they alone will not prevent the burglary.

The reaction time before external security staff arrives after an alarm normally leaves the intruder enough time for the burglary and his escape.

Most burglars will try to intrude only in weakly protected buildings. If they don't succeed in short time or if upfront they identify a high level of protection they move on to the next object.

Our security solutions offer the highest possible level of mechanical burglary protection.

Security and bulletproof glass (up to P8B / P5A / SG2)

A standard window glass hardly offers any protection against burglary. But we make this weak point into one of the most secure parts of the building. Due to innovative developments glass today can resist enormous forces.

Burglars do not only act under cover of the night but also in bright daylight. During the day the level of sound caused by traffic, construction works or gardening machines is significantly louder and the noise of a breaking window glass blurs with the surrounding sounds. Sometimes these surrounding noises that cover the sounds of the burglary are even provoked e.g. by banging a car door - well synchronised via mobile phones.

We offer safety panes from security glass to armoured glass. In addition to the required standardised tests we conduct car crash tests as well as resistance tests with flamethrowers and explosives. Our innovative bulletproof glass is significantly thinner than conventional bulletproof glass. Therefore it is much lighter and hence operating windows and glass doors is much easier and comfortable. Unlike conventional armoured glass our panes are neutral in colour.

We offer tested security and bulletproof glass in in the following standardised European resistance classifications:

Impact resistance:

Whereas the European test standard EN 356 requires a test sample of 400 mm x 400 mm. Our proofed security glass is large sized and still reaches the highest resistance
class P8B. That means that a glass will resist a minimum of 70 strikes of an axe.


The European test standard EN 356 requires a test sample of 1.100 mm x 900 mm. The test method simulates heavy projectiles by dropping a 4.110 g metal ball (diameter: 100 mm) from standardised heights (up to 9 m). P5A is the highest resistance class: 3 x 3 ball drops from 9 m height. Also in this test we reach the highest resistance class.


The European test standard EN 1063 requires a test sample of 500 mm x 500 mm. Three shots are fired from a defined distance. The resistance classes (BR1 to BR7 and SG1 to SG2) differ by the used caliber. In addition there is a classification in "spall" (S) or "Non-Spall" (NS) to protect persons standing behind the pane from injuries by flying splinters. Whereas resistance class BR5 already resists a projectile of a .44 Remington Magnum our armoured glass even resists gun fire with caliber 12/70 or a Kalashnikov AK-47: Highest resistance class SG2.

Security frames and sashes (RC3 to RC5)

Apart from the security pane it is indispensable to use security frames that are well bolt into the masonry as well as security sashes.

Since 2011 the resistance classes RC1N to RC5 (DIN EN 1627:2011) are in place. They differentiate the resistance by the following criteria: How long will the door or window resist an attack and which tool is used for the attempt to break in. The former resistance classes WK do not follow the same criteria since today we have higher requirements. Hence they are not comparable.

RC1N hardly offers any protection. Just by using a screwdriver the window can be opened within 3 minutes - the attempt of a casual housebreaker.

Also RC2N is not sufficient. Within only 3 minutes the element can be broken up just by the use of a screwdriver, pliers and a wedge. Again this is just the simulation of the attempt of a casual housebreaker.

RC3 already resists much stronger forces. In the test it is tried to force open the window with a claw wrench, a crowbar and screwdrivers within 5 minutes. 

RC4 simulates a 10 minutes attempt of an experienced offender who in addition uses saws and striking tools as axe, hammer and chisel and a cordless electric drill.

In RC5 the experienced burglar can also use heavy power tools as angle grinders or a hammer drill. Time frame: 15 minutes.

Our resistance classes rank from RC3 up to RC5. Thus we offer comprehensive mechanical protection in aesthetic product solutions without big dimensioned profiles - respecting the character of the building.

Panic room doors

A panic room - or better: safety room - offers best protection against invaders. It must be centrally located in order to be quickly reached from the most frequented areas of the building. It does not necessarily have to be a separate room only for emergency-use. It can very well also be used for unexceptional daily functions.

Nobody wants to be permanently confronted with the scenario of an assault. Therefore the high protective function of our security doors is not obvious to the beholder. Every security door will be individually designed for each building and can be adapted visually and in terms of material, for example to adjacent room doors.

Our security doors meet the highest requirements and will resist even massive forces. Thus a panic room also psychologically becomes a real safety room.

Phase 2: Electronic protection

External help

Burglar alarm systems

Professional mechanical protection of windows and doors will hinder most offenders intruding into the building. Most burglars will give up soon and will move on to less protected objects nearby.

Some professional burglars spy out buildings and their inhabitants and gain knowledge about regular or longer absence of the residents. When the building is located solitarily on large property the burglars can then take sufficient time to intrude the building. In these cases a burglar alarm system is an effective protection for your property.

With the first attempt of breaking in - or even when the property is entered - detectors will activate the alarm. The alarm is routed to the security service and to the police via protected transmitters that don't allow sabotage.