We develop sophisticated windows and doors made out of the valuable and aesthetic material wood always following the morphology of the respective epoch.

Although wood per se – as a natural product - has remained unchanged the window and door technology has evolved enormously, especially in recent decades.

Particularly in the security sector we have developed solutions that protect effectively against burglary and at the same time are elegant and filigree.

In modern architecture glass surfaces are designed with increasingly large dimensions. But even for these large panes we still offer a maximum of security.

Our bullet-resistant glasses are substantially thinner and therefore lighter than conventional armored glasses. Therefore our windows and doors are more convenient to handle than conventional solutions.

All windows and doors are tested to the demanding European RC criteria (RC = Resistance Class) and meet the top rankings RC3 to RC5 which are even used for security rooms (panic rooms).

Of course, we also supply premium products in plastic and aluminium, wooden doors protecting against fire (EI2 30-C) and additionally provide sound insulation functions as well as emergency exit doors (EN 179) and panic doors (EN 1125).

Innovative - intelligent - reliable.