Present architecture

We develop high-quality burglary and bullet-resistant windows and doors. Wood and wood/aluminium windows, front doors and apartment entrance doors are produced in resistance classes up to RC3. Doors for panic rooms resisting even massive use of force even up to RC5. Of course, we also supply premium products in plastic and aluminium.

For the demanding project planner and user.


Historical architecture

We design burglar-proof and bullet-resistant wooden windows and doors, respecting the architectural style of the epoch as well as according to requirements of heritage protection. Even by using original surface with pigmented linseed oil.

For authentic solutions respecting the architectural style of the building.



Highest security standards and professional implementation are guaranteed by an experienced team.

For every project in the area of "security" we ensure a coordinated concept for the protection of your privacy.

For a higher quality of living ashore and aboard.


Marine & Yachting

As an answer to increasing assaults on vessels we have specialised on the protection of owners, guests and crew of yachts.

Burglary and bullet proof doors hinder intruders going below deck. Special security doors for panic rooms offer protection even in most threating situations.

For a comfortable and secure life aboard.